Welcome to Gradum Gswing Hitting System.

Our Gswing Hitting System will give you the confidence to take your game to the next level. 

Explore our courses to develop the best swing possible. 

The Gradum Gswing Hitting System
will teach you:

Power Movement 

The “positive move” that hitters like Mike Trout and Joey Votto use for more power and better contact (plus how you can quickly apply it to your swing).


Why “bat lag” is so critical (and where your bat and barrel should be for better contact).

Power Plays

How to maximize peak power using our simple set of drills.

Match Pitch Plane 

How to get on plane using the “roll method” so you can nearly guarantee your bat stays in the zone much longer during your swing.


The baseball/softball industry commonly teaches the swing incorrectly, yet expects the player to perform. Our system will give you the confidence both on and off the field to help you achieve and exceed all of your goals
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